My First Year of Blogging

My First Year of Blogging

Hurray! Around this time last year, I launched this blog. I hope I helped someone here in one way or another and here’s a story of why I’m doing it and how it all started 🙂 I want to share some parts of my story along the way.

How I Started

So before I had any Android development job I was working on some apps, which were available on PlayStore (Unpublished later, haha). Because I knew it would be very hard to get a job, since I didn’t have a computer science degree, nor any experience of working for companies. This app was a proof of me knowing my shit! I had already been doing Android for close to two years, but for fun and did not have a good portfolio to showcase my skills yet.

Around that time I saw an Internship Position at Muva Technologies, which I quickly applied for. I actually wanted to get a job with them, but they gave me an Internship position instead which I gratefully accepted. Three months down the line, my Internship period was over, and they offered me a Consultant Position as an Android Developer, best moment of my time last year (January 2017).

Since it was not a full time job, I had a lot of time which I spent learning Android from my colleagues and decided to write few posts. But the question was where? So some idea just came up about starting a blog. In the next few minutes, I was busy thinking of good domain names on Godaddy, and then came up, and to my surprise it was available for purchase. I then acquired the domain and hosting, and with the help of my colleague Henry Mbugua, we set up wordpress and he taught me how to use it. Thanks for the support, I still appreciate it.

Now I know – it doesn’t matter how much you know, once you learned something – you already know more than somebody.

Blogging Reasons

So when I first started blogging I had like a great unknown in front of me, tons of topics, very exciting. Topics I knew nothing about. Blogging was my primary source of growth as an Android Developer

And I can tell you, after just three months of blogging basically, most topics were completely new to me. I was literally learning stuff hours before I was writing about them, I leaned like hell. In those 3 months of blogging, I was learning a lot of new stuff.

So if you want to become an Android Developer, start blogging. I mean right after around 2 weeks of learning start blogging. Pick a new topic every time, start from basics. And trust me, in fear of making yourself a complete fool by writing worst blog posts ever  you will learn stuff so quickly, to make better posts. This does not mean starting your own blog, you can even write me an email on the Contact Me Page and I can set up an Author account for you, and you can write your own articles on this blog. You may impact the next learners in a big way, who knows 🙂

I have continuously gained knowledge over the years, and started an Open Source Organisation on Github, to develop Android and Golang libraries primarily. Just get in touch if you want to join/contribute to it. We could be starting the next big Android Open Source Community 🙂

After working with Muva Technologies for one year, I am now moving on to Twiga Foods, where I will be joining as an Android Engineer. I hope to learn a lot of new and cool Android Development stuff and share with you here. You must be already excited as I am 🙂 I am also part of the ALC 2.0 Program sponsored by Google and Andela, to teach and create Android Development Awareness in the Sub Sahara, and I have come to meet very amazing programmers and share ideas with them. Thanks to Andela Kenya 🙂

This blog is still growing and gaining popularity in the Android Community, and I recently made it open to anyone who feels they need to share anything. You can share something about anything you learnt and you could be a lifesaver to someone else. If you feel challenged enough, please drop me a message, and I will set up an account for you 🙂

Alright, I hope you find my story somewhat interesting. If you’re living in the middle of nowhere and there’s no Android or any kind of programmers around it’s kind of hard to be motivated and grow.

Blogging is the biggest growth booster I’ve ever known.

Also, I want to hear your stories. Are you a beginner/not? Do you feel like you have learned all you need to know about Android development/how much more time do you think it will take you to become a “pro”? Share your views and comments down below.

Happy Coding!

2 Replies to “My First Year of Blogging”

  1. Hey Juma, great article here! This is so inspiring. I am a beginner and honestly I cant tell yet how long it will take me to be a pro. Attimes I look at how far android is and I ask myself whether I can master most of the knowledge concerned with android. Sometimes I feel like stopping but everyday I wake up to new energy and the learning continues. Isn’t android vast though?

    1. Hi Catherine,
      Sorry for the late reply, been occupied a bit. Yes, Android is vast and keeps on changing very fast with time. I will advice continuous learning, as new concepts keep on being introduced. But if you understand how the Android eco-system works, then life becomes easier. Mastering Java is also a plus, or “kotlin” – Which is by the way very sweet 🙂 So the trick is to understand the Android Structure, that simple. I will be writing a book very soon, which should act as a simple guide for beginners, but will update this later on, hopefully in less than 3 months.
      Cheers and share 🙂

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