About Me

About Me


I am Juma Allan, the Founder of Android Study. I am part of a team dedicated to deliver great tutorials and mentorships to you on Android Development. I am currently working as the Lead Mobile Engineer at dLight Solar.

In my spare time, I like attending Tech Conferences and Local Meetups. I am also working on a Project with a group of Open Source Enthusiasts (No Name Yet) – a Non Profit –  to enable kids learn Android App Development from as early as 5 years 🙂 We have actually started this and Open Sourced it in my Open Source Organisation. If you feel you can make some contributions, no matter how small, feel free to reach out to me 🙂

Welcome to Android Study, a blog aimed at helping all Android Programming Lovers. At Android Study, my main goal is to provide cutting-edge and useful Android Application that are easy to understand by all students.

This blog will also be providing Programming and Application Development tips to help you be updated with the current industry demands. Video tutorials will be available soon!

My main focus is delivering quality Android tutorials! Remember to subscribe to get updates directly in your inbox!